Friday, June 02, 2017

$8,000,000.00 Plus Debt Exclusion Vote Tuesday, June 6th

Didn't get much real public notice about this vote to raise our taxes on a badly needed police station. It should be pared down from the $8 million price tag in my opinion.

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Loon Pond Lodge, Ted Williams Camp, there will be an ballot question election to decide if the Townspeople want to approve the building of a new Police Station.  To view the election ballot, please click here.  To view the Power Point Presentation from the May 17th public forum, please click here. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Special & Annual Town Meetings Monday, June 6th

Special & Annual Town Meetings Monday, June 6th at Apponequet High Scholl Auditorium.
The special is at 6:30 PM and the annual starts at 7PM. Please make a point to attend and let our Republican voices be heard on the important issues to be voted on. You can view the warrants here:…/6-6-16.pdf
and here:…/6-6-16%20STM.pdf

There are several items of importance on the annual that I would like to bring to your attention.

Article 6 which is an expansion of the Conservation Commission's authority to restrict land use in and around wetlands. Any authoritative expansion of an unelected board of government officials is by nature anti-conservative.  We went through this back in 2006.  It didn't get past Town Meeting.
It should be noted that the Conservation Commission did not petition the article, but two members of the CC brought it on their own after failing to get majority CC support.

Article 7 concerns the Community Preservation Act. It would be a vote to first put it on the ballot at the November election. This is an act to increase property taxes in the town. Increasing taxes no matter how nominal is also an anti-conservative principle.

Articles 9 & 10 are conjoined articles. Article 9 establishes a "right to farm," which I did not know that the right to farm needed to be established as are not many in town already farming? Article 10 creates a new unelected Agricultural Commission to regulate farming under Article 9. This again is in my opinion an expansion of government we do not need.

Articles 22 & 23 are in regards to funds appropriation and land transfers for the proposed new police station. The devil is always in the details, so these are articles to pay attention to.  I am not against a new police station.  The current is in shambles.  Any new station needs to only fit the needs of the size town we have.  We do not need another building like the library oversized and over priced.

Article 24 is a transfer of lands for "library purposes." Another to pay attention to.  What is it for, more parking?

Please feel free opine on this and to read the warrants and come to the meeting to make comments when appropriate to espouse Republican principles.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Let's Correct Some CPA Errors

Let's correct some inaccuracies from the Middleboro Gazette letter by Sarah Kulakovich on 4/21/16
"For just a few dollars each year, we can join the CPA program... For the average household, valued at $245,000, a homeowner would pay about $20.00 per year. "
However, according the FY '17 budget presentation by the Board of Selectmen p.5:
"The average FY16 single family residential value is $303,950" 
"The average single family FY16 tax bill is $4,295" 
This is almost $59,000.00 more than Ms. Kulakovich stated.  Taking into account the $100K exemption, this is actually almost $29 for each.  Still to some a small price to pay for someone else's ideas for the preservation of open space (of which Lakeville and surrounding towns have plenty), recreational use land (as if Ted Williams camp is not big enough), community housing (do we have or even need any?) and historic preservation (what few buildings we have, there is nothing "new" to preserve).
"This is good news for everyone..."
Again, since when is it "good news" you are getting a pay cut of any kind and funding project only a few want or benefit?  I wonder if horse paths are on the docket for this round of CPA funds?
"The proposed Lakeville Community Preservation Act is a positive and powerful tool that we can use to support and shape our community."
"Shape" the community is right.  The funds used by this would be used at an un-elected board's whims (powerful indeed) to take already taxed land off the tax rolls, create unneeded recreation & preservation projects and create community housing, aka affordable housing, projects.  All the things that will change and not preserve Lakeville as we all ready know and love.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Made the cut.

View it here.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Back for a 2nd try, the CPA rears its ugly head

Ten years after a resounding defeat, proponents of the Community Preservation Act are back for another shot at more of your paycheck.  A letter to the editor, Lakeville resident, CPA proponent shares info, invites public to informational meeting and my friend and CPA cheerleader, Mark Belanger, Bumpkin's Corner in the Middleboro Gazette, My advice to Lakeville (about CPA) are the beginnings of wooing the public that "free money" is ready to be taken and used for the most noblest of purposes only if you give up more of your money.

I have written the following response that should be printed in the next issue of the Gazette.
Thank you Mr. Belanger, my friend, for your CPA advice, but no thanks.
Ten years ago the Community Preservation Act came up for a vote and lost in town election by almost 3 to 1 margin.  Ten years is a long time and it is up again for a second bite of the apple.  It does have to pass town meeting first to get on a town wide election ballot, but it should just stop there.  Vote "No" on CPA Warrant Article at town meeting.
I am happy that you, being on the Community Preservation Committee in Middleborough, considers it a great asset to your town, a town with much larger resources and projects desiring attention.  However, Lakeville is not Middleborough and does not need to tax its residents more to get needed projects completed with added restriction due to the act.  Yes, the tax is small comparatively, however why nickel and dime the residents?  Every tax increase is a pay cut.  Any viable and meaningful projects can be voted on at town meeting and still get the same grants offered with the tax dollars already assessed.  Why jump through another committee or attend another meeting, which most do not have time to attend to get a job done that is working well now?  There is no need to make it more complicated. 
I know you thank us for the funds from Lakeville and the other 300 plus communities of the Commonwealth for the 25% match you received, but to adopt a new tax to get back funds already extracted is called extortion in the private sector.  Why participate in public sector extortion?  The state takes the fee and requires you to fund specifically designated new projects only.  It is not "free money" because we all have contributed, if you filed with the Registry of Deeds and it has strings attached.
My opposition is based on fiscal responsibility and limited government principles, not some anti-preservation, pro developer ideology as some had falsely asserted of me ten years ago during the last debate.  If additional community preservation is needed, then our town can and will do what is needed with tax dollars already available and do it frugally.  We are doing great job already.  Thanks for the advice, Mark.
Hopefully this will make the Lakeville taxpayers aware of the scheme and go to Town Meeting (TBD) and squash this bug so as to not have to go through another election fight in November.  We are Taxed Enough Already. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Say "NO" to higher taxes. Vote "NO" on Article 19

Special and Annual Town Meetings Monday, June 15th, 2015, 6:30PM @ Apponequet Regional High School.  To view the warrant for the Special Town Meeting, please click here.  To view the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting, please click here.

Article 19 listed in the Annual is an article looking to raise the restaurant meals tax.  Although and increase of only 0.75, this is a tax hike that should be opposed. We are taxed enough already.  Please plan to attend and vote "NO" on article 19.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time to revise my budget, again.

It looks like the override just squeaked by.  Preliminary result were 977 for to 887 against, not counting absentee ballots that couldn't be counted in the machine.
They are just kicking the can down the road as the state continues to kick the taxpayer in the teeth with new and higher taxes on the way, even though the state has taken in a half a billion dollars more in taxes than they budgeted.
What a sad state of affairs.